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This is a fantastic product! Try it you'll like it! - Lori Anderson

I really love VETSET! That stuff is Magic ! - JeepGal

I love VetSet Cocoa Butter for treating scrapes, minor cuts and rain rot on my horses. It encourages quick healing and hair regrowth. As a bonus, it smells terrific! - Debi Burns Brady

Recently at the August Futurity Horse Show in Georgia, Nancy Martinez reported that she had a horse injured in the summer. She said, "It was very strange, like it was scalped down the front of his face all the way to the bone! After having it stitched up, there was no real way to cover it. Using a fly mask rubbed the area, bandaging was not an option. Because he lives in a pasture, it is always hot and you wouldn't be able to bandage his face anyway. So I tried VETSET, knowing at least it could form a barrier of protection and keep most of the dirt out while aiding the healing and help his hair regrow." Nancy has since reported that her horse has recovered beautifully. "I didn't even have to deal with proud flesh developing; it was simply cleaned up and VetSet was applied daily. NOW...there is not even a scar!" - Nancy Martinez

I can attest to it! Worked fantastic on my mare who has extremely sensitive skin. - Trisha Stapley VanDerwerken - Glen Falls, NY

This is 'Isabella'. I use VETSET and I love how it has treated her rain rot and cracked heels! I love the ease of putting it on and washing it off, and the way her hair came back in a 'peach-fuzz stage' within a few days. - Donnie Morris – Blackville, SC

This was absolutely wonderful on the skin of my champion Chinese Crested show dogs! Great to put on right before you go into the show ring! Worked great on the Sphynx I was showing. It toned down any scratches that might have been on their skin. I have used this product on myself...was especially good to take the sting out of ant and mosquito bites! - Barbara Fischer – LEONA , TX

I have been purchasing Vet Set for years and I absolutely love it !!! I know it is originally designed for horses, but let me list all the applications I have used it for: 1. Any sores or cuts that my two Jack Russell terriers have ever gotten. It helps heal them so much faster! 2. Any red ant bites, spider bites, or insect bites of any kind that my husband or I received. It stops the stinging and helps them heal faster! 3. Any cuts or abrasions that my husband and I receive from our hobbies - mine from horseback riding and his from motocross racing. The abrasions heal so much faster and the skin stays supple when using VetSet. 4. VetSet helps alleviate dry skin on my hands, arms and legs. 5. And last, but certainly not least, I've used it on my horses to help heal sores and promote hair growth. "Tommy", my APHA World Champion, has had Vet Set on every little cut, saddle sore, abrasion he ever received and it helped promote quick healing and hair growth. This was very important to me since we were showing several times a month during 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010!! All I can say is Vet Set is awesome! Plus it smells sooooo good!! - Donna Matarrazzo

This is Isabella. I use VETSET and I love how it has treated her rain rot and cracked heels! I love the ease of putting it on and washing it off, and the way her hair came back in a "peach-fuzz stage" within a few days. - Donnie Morris

Hondo had to have a partial amputation to the bottom of his back foot. His foot is always callused and dry and has been prone to developing abrasions. VETSET has helped him while quickly healing his abrasions and keeping the area smooth and supple. - Harvey Murphy

I recently got a dog from a shelter. He is 12 years old. When I took him to the vet they noticed he had an unusual situation in his ears. Instead of the usual ear mites the vet said he had some ear allergy. The inside of his ears were covered with a super dry substance so attached to his skin that there was no way to remove it without removing the skin as well. It covered the entire surface of his skin inside his ears. They sent me home with a watery type medication to put in his ear and I was supposed to rub it around in the usual way, smoothing the ear around from the outside. They said it would take months to have it cured. I agonized a bit about using this treatment because the skin and material stuck to it was so intensely dry and hard, I just knew this treatment would be very uncomfortable. Not the first experience I wanted my dog to have in his new home. Then I got the idea to use a little VetSet Cocoa Butter on a q-tip to try and soften the material and soothe him. I had no idea that it would CURE it! Within 2 days his ears were in beautiful condition. They weren't red or irritated and the material stuck to the inside of his ears was loose and coming off nicely. No longer even bonded to the hairs so that I could remove it without him hardly feeling it. I found this amazing! So now my DOG is a VetSet Cocoa Butter satisfied customer! - Cindy Dyrda

I just wanted to let you know what a wonder product you have created. We have spent hundreds of dollars treating our dog Rusty's nose even taking him to a dermatologist (big dollars). Seemed nothing worked and the chemicals I was given for him I had to use gloves and couldn't get on my skin. Nothing worked. After only about two weeks using your VetSet Cocoa Butter Cream his nose isn't cracked, doesn't shed pieces of skin and doesn't bleed. His nose is soft and healed. I want to thank you so much. If it wasn't for the ad in a magazine I would never have known about your product. Hope to see it in pet stores around the country. - Kathy & Bob Shevlet & Rusty

Hello, I just wanted to comment on how delighted I was to find your product again. I got the shipment in the mail and went right out and used it on my horse! I am a veterinarian and find your product to be without comparison! I was first introduced to your product as a teenager in Pony Club. The barn manager literally had a closet full of VetSet, and it was a cure for everything! As a veterinarian, I myself have used and recommended it for everything from incisional infections, surgical scars, superficial wounds, rain rot in horses, even as a hoof dressing to thicken the sole. It is magic stuff!! I had been unable to find your product for a few years as the feed store where I was purchasing it no longer had it, and I am so glad that I found your website. I am currently struggling with my own horse with a bad case of chronic scratches, and I am pleased to be able to use it on her. As a veterinarian, horse owner, rider and animal lover: Thank you for an exceptional product! - Karin Olsen, DVM

Veterinarian Dr. Grayson Brown uses it for road rash, especially for dogs that are hit by cars. He said "This is the best product available for dog owners!" Dr. Brown recommends to wash the area and apply twice daily. - Martinez Animal Hospital - Martinez, GA